West Side's Kids Karate Tournament. Osu!

Training with all of the black belts. Osu!

Congrats to Kyoshi Steve, Kyoshi Rhetta, Senpai Renauld, Senpai Lisa, and Senpai Lori on their promotions!

Thanks to New York 1 and Roger Clark for visiting the dojo and learning about self defense.

Amazing board breaks by all at the 2016 breaking seminar.

Congrats to all who participated in this year's Interdojo Tournament!

Congrats to new Senpais Elanie, Colby, Alec, and Leslie!

Congrats to Kyoshi Gabe, Sensei Benito, Sensei Mindy, Senpai Grey, and Senpai Ché on their promotions!

Congrats to Senpai Kris on her promotion to sandan!

Congrats to Sei Shihan Mel, Sensei June, Senpai Jeremy, and Senpai Sonnie!

Sunrise - January 4th 1957, Sunset February 10th 2015. We will always remember and we will never forget.

Congratulations to Senpai Lisa and Senpai Lori on their promotion to 1st degree black belt!

Congratulations to Kyoshi Christiane on her recent promotion to Kyoshi (fifth degree black belt) and Senpai Rajiv on his recent promotion to Nidan (second degree black belt)!

Not since May 2011 have we had a new T-Shirt to call our own. Not until now. Both adult and kids t-shirt's beautifully embroidered on the front (West Side Seido Juku) / back - Ji ga sitekiru (Throw Away Your Ego) and rich in color. This is a great gift for all and a wonderful way to display who we are and support our dojo.

Our last class of 2013, Shoshin Meditation.

Celebrating his last promotion at our Annual West Side Picnic was Sensei David surrounded by Sensei Christiane, Sensei Gabe, Sensei Steve and Sensei Rhetta.

Congratulation to our newest Sensei at the West Side Dojo. Sensei David Fallon.

Congratulations to Junshihan Mel on his recent induction into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame!

Congratulations to Senpai Kris on her recent promotion to Nidan (second degree black belt)!

Congratulations to Senpai Margaret on her recent promotion to Sandan (third degree black belt)!

Special thanks to the West Side Seido parents and kids for supporting the Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony done by Brooklyn's Borough President Marty Markowitz at the Kings Bay Y at Windsor Terrace. Junshihan Mel will start teaching an adult and youth Seido Karate Program at the new Brooklyn location on Saturday, September 24th.

Junshihan Mel to start teaching new adult and youth Seido Karate Program in Brooklyn. Open House Sunday, September 18th at the Kings Bay Y at Windsor Terrace. Classes start Saturday, September 24th.

Please join us for our annual Beach Training at Rockaway Beach on Sunday, August 7, 2011! Black Belts must arrive by 4:00am and Color Belts by 8:00am.

On January 4th, 2011 we held our West Side Seido Kagami Biraki class, the first class of the new year. Junshihan Mel and his students would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosperous, and training filled 2011!

Classes for the Winter Session will be held from 11am to 12:00pm on the following Saturdays:

Feb. 5th, 12th and 19th and 26th

2 West 64TH Street
New York, N.Y. 10023
Social HALL

Your senses and your own body are often your only weapons in self defense. Learn how to make them your best. This class will start with a cardio workout to get the heart rate up. Then it will focus on some real life scenarios and partnership exercises that will broaden awareness levels.

This class is the perfect combination of physical conditioning and mental awareness, designed to incorporate real-life scenarios that teach members how to better protect themselves in the street. All ages and levels of ability can benefit.

Self Defense is...
...interrupting a harassing comment
...setting a limit when someone invades your space
...learning effective physical techniques to stop an assailant
...practicing peaceful conflict resolution
...feeling safe and equipped
and much more.

For more information, please email

Congratulations to Sensei Rhetta Aleong on her recent promotion to 4th degree blackbelt and to Senpai Sean Hardy on his recent promotion to 1st degree black belt!

Congratulations to Sensei Steven Bogardus on his recent promotion to 4th Degree Black Belt and to Senpai Benito Quan on his recent promotion to 3rd degree Black Belt!